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55 things any quadcopter pilot must do sooner or later

We all love to fly! And we all know that things can happen during flights. This list is aimed at pilots of the Phantom model quadcopters, but can be applied to other quadcopter brands as well. Here are 55 things that any quadcopter pilot must do sooner or later!

  1. Crash
  2. Lose a propeller
  3. Have a camera malfunction
  4. Fear a fly-away
  5. Experience a near fly-away
  6. Experience an actual fly-away
  7. Strafe a tree
  8. Test how high you can go
  9. Test how far you can go without losing signal
  10. Lose signal
  11. Unintentionally use the “coming home” feature
  12. Intentionally use the “coming home” feature
  13. Lose sight of the quadcopter
  14. Take an aerial selfie
  15. Be amazed when the quadcopter lands by itself
  16. Catch the quadcopter instead of landing on the ground
  17. Feel the wind from the propellers
  18. Curse bad weather
  19. Fly even though the weather is unstable
  20. Lust for a better model
  21. Buy a carry case or bag
  22. Subscribe to the blog Quadcopter Photography 🙂
  23. Upload a quadcopter photo
  24. Upload a quadcopter video
  25. Manually take back control during a Ground Station flight
  26. Manually take control during a “coming home” flight
  27. Be scared about what people around you think
  28. Be yelled at by an onlooker
  29. Be questioned by an onlooker
  30. Have a nice chat with an onlooker
  31. Make a friend of a curious onlooker
  32. Be stopped by the police
  33. Force family members to wait while you fly
  34. Nervously let someone else fly
  35. Comfortably/not nervously let someone else fly
  36. Google quadcopter photos/videos of your favorite destinations in the world
  37. Take your quadcopter with you while traveling
  38. Fly above water
  39. Fear a crash while flying above water
  40. Forget to charge the battery
  41. Buy an extra battery
  42. Answer the question “Are you flying that thing?”
  43. Answer the question “So how much was it?”
  44. Enjoy the blinking lights after dark
  45. Struggle to get a GPS signal
  46. Get a GPS signal before you’ve even connected the camera with your phone
  47. Fly every day for at least a week straight
  48. Lose interest in flying for at least a month
  49. Wish you could bring the quadcopter when it isn’t possible
  50. Buy a second model
  51. Buy a third model
  52. Send a quadcopter for repairs
  53. Comment below with how many things you’ve ticked off this list
  54. Comment below with what else you think should be on this list
  55. Complete everything on this list 🙂

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  1. I have ticked quite a few on this list, not literally as I wouldn’t want to get ink all over my screen now would I?!


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