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I crashed my quadcopter

I was pumped. Ready to take off. Had just made a fly-to-home landing after having lost the signal due to flying too far away. In the eagerness to get airborne again, I didn’t check the GPS signal properly.

The Phantom was flight ready – but not with GPS enabled. Instead of blinking green, the rear lights were flashing a slow yellow.

The result? As soon as I lifted a meter above ground, the wind took hold of the aircraft throwing it very fast in one direction. It was headed straight to a nearby road, and I saw only one option: go down, and go down fast.

The quadcopter didn’t fall from high above, but it came in hard due to the strong wind. Thankfully it was still above grass, although recent rain had made things very muddy. It hit the mud at high speed, flipped around and lost two propellers.

My main concern was the camera, having read that the gimbal is the weakness of the Vision+. I ran over to check it, and luckily all was fine. My drone was no longer white though. It was brown and green, covered in mud and wet grass.

I took it home for a check and cleaning. 15 minutes later I had brushed off the dirt even in the harder-to-reach areas, screwed on a couple of spare propellers and made sure it was functioning properly. No harm done, and I’m now ready to fly again 😀

The ending of this video I linked to a couple of days ago also features a crash:


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    • Thanks! Since I posted this, I’ve crashed a few more times and had a few close calls. Nothing serious, but you’re right – it’s not a matter of if!


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