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My first quadcopter flight

I took my Phantom out for a spin the day after I got it. Having read horror stories about fly-aways and crashes I didn’t take any chances when it came to reading the manual.

The first flight was a short but smooth one. I went to the local park, fired up the engines after having done the first GPS calibration, and slowly took to the air. I remember thinking that it felt much more sensational than I expected. So much fun just to fly!

I recorded the first flight but didn’t yet play much with the camera. For the second flight though – still on the same day with the same battery which hadn’t drained much as the first flight was quite brief – I brought some friends. While they took turns steering I focused on the app and camera functions. I remember thinking it’s a darn cool angle! 😀

I’ll be posting some aerials of the nearby roundabout and park in the coming weeks.


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